After joining up with Team Taz last week, Will Hobbs is now going by Powerhouse Hobbs. Hobbs is also sporting a new look, similar to Taz’s outfit during his active in-ring days. Hobbs defeated Lee Johnson in a squash match on tonight’s show.

Afterwards, Taz got on the mic and demanded that someone from AEW management put some respect on the FTW Championship. Cody eventually came out and told Taz he’d “run it up the flagpole.” Taz and Cody traded more words and it ended when Cody mentioned Taz’s son, Hook, trains with him and not his own father. An angered Taz choked Cody from behind, but was chased off by members of The Nightmare Family.

As Taz headed to the back, his son, Hook, followed him with the FTW Championship in hand. Cody and AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin are set to face Ricky Starks and Hobbs on next week’s show.

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