Freddie Prinze Jr. Explains Why He Wouldn't Put WWE World Title On Drew McIntyre

Earlier this year, it was reported that Drew McIntyre's contract will run through next year's WWE WrestleMania 40. The two sides have reportedly not been able to agree on a figure that will keep McIntyre around as of yet, though there is still plenty of time left to negotiate. Still, speaking on "Wrestling With Freddie," actor and former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. relayed why he would hesitate to make McIntyre a world champion right now.


"I think Drew McIntyre is leaving WWE," Prinze said. "I can't say everything, but I can say a lot. I don't why you'd put Drew even in [the WWE Crown Jewel] match unless you know he's not gonna re-sign. ... You're not gonna put the belt on him unless you know he's gonna re-sign with you, because otherwise he can just have the belt, and that's not good for any company."

Prinze shared his belief that McIntyre is unhappy with his creative direction in WWE, making sure to note that it is speculation on his part but he has worked with McIntyre before. The actor said that McIntyre is willing to be a "company guy" but feels that respect should also be given in return. If McIntyre does leave, Prinze believes he knows the star's next destination.


"AEW, in two seconds," Prinze continued. "Him vs. MJF? Holy s***."

McIntyre recently challenged Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Crown Jewel but was unsuccessful. In the lead-up to the match, McIntyre pointed toward his 2020 title reign that took place without a live audience, sharing his desire to hold a world title again. With nearly five months remaining on his contract and the company's busiest season approaching, it will be interesting to see how McIntyre is handled on the path to WrestleMania.

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