Video: Zelina Vega Pranks Fellow WWE Star Dominik Mysterio

When Zelina Vega is streaming on Twitch, there's usually plenty of antics to be found, such was the case on Sunday. During her stream, Vega prank-called WWE "NXT" North American Champion Dominik Mysterio, pretending to be a small child named "Harold," ordering carryout from a restaurant. Vega then uploaded a clip of the prank to Instagram, writing, "On Sundays, we prank Dominik Mysterio."


Mysterio played along with what he believed to be a small child, loudly explaining that he was a person and not a restaurant. At one point, he also asks if the kid's mom is hot. Vega even pulls out a reference to Spongebob Squarepants' friend Patrick Starr, much to Mysterio's further confusion. Mysterio requests to speak to an adult, once again asking if Harold's mother is attractive.

"Mom, are you warm?" Vega pretends to ask her imaginary mother. "They're asking if you're warm." Upon learning that Harold is seven years old, another voice on the line tells Mysterio to quit playing along with the wrong number and "bail out."

It's good to see Vega in good spirits, after the LWO member was betrayed, along with the rest of her faction, by Santos Escobar, who turned his back on WWE Hall of Famer –and Dominik's father– Rey Mysterio, much to Vega's protests. If Vega keeps up her trickster antics, she could be the next WWE Superstar to appear on "Celebrity Prank Wars," which has already featured The New Day, and WWE Hall of Famers Nikki & Brie Garcia (fka The Bellas).