Video: Shinsuke Nakamura Says 'I Know It All Ends By My Hands' In Brooding Vignette

Shinsuke Nakamura has been re-established as a serious threat in WWE, coming off his program with Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship. It had been a while since the "King of Strong Style" had been seen as a legitimate player on the main event scene. And, even though he got the short end of the stick in his rivalry with Rollins, Nakamura was able to display a ruthlessness as he targeted the champion's weaknesses that the WWE Universe may not have known he was capable of. 

That gives weight to his latest backstage vignette on "WWE Raw." In it, Nakamura sends a warning to someone of privilege who may find themself in a vulnerable state after their next contest — making for a prime opportunity to strike. He speaks of returning his focus to the object of his attention, and waiting patiently for the right moment and — just who exactly is Nakamura referring to?

Nakamura's cryptic vagueness — in the style of Jake "The Snake" Roberts — is sure to drive the WWE Universe nuts with speculation as to who might be the target of his desires. Is Nakamura not done with Rollins? Could he be waiting for the champ to be further weakened to take another shot at the title? Or is there someone else of significant notoriety that Nakamura is looking to take down a peg — with CM Punk's name always entering people's minds when it comes to spots like this? Whoever WWE opts to go with, it'd better be someone worthwhile, or else they'll run the risk of backlash from a disappointed audience who didn't see their expectations met.