WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Reveals WCW Stars For Whom He Wanted To Book Storyline

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has been part of many memorable storylines in his long career in professional wrestling, but he was also the head booker of WCW for a period, meaning that he had to come up with all of the company's stories. Nash said there was one storyline that evaded him.


"Lenny and Lodi," Nash answered on "Kliq This" when asked about storylines he'd wish he'd done. The Hall of Famer wanted the two West Hollywood Blondes to begin finishing each other's sentences, assuming that they were falling in love, as the "West Hollywood" in their name was a reference to LA's gay neighborhood and meant to suggest the team was gay. "They don't understand why they have this attraction and then they would find out that they were separated at birth and they were actually brothers."

According to Nash, the storyline was never pitched, just something that he brainstormed. Lodi suffered a heart attack earlier this year in the middle of a match with independent star Lucky Ali, but the former WCW star has made a tremendous recovery, planning to take bookings again beginning in 2024.


Nash hasn't only been creating stories, but also ways for WWE to whip the backstage morale into shape, recently coming up with a cunning plan to end the leaks that have been coming out of WWE and leading to spoilers. The former WWE Champion suggested that bad information should be fed to suspected leaks to flush out the people talking to news sites.