WWE & Merchandising Partner Reportedly Reach Agreement To Settle Lawsuits

Not too long ago, the business relationship between WWE and merchandising partner, Panini, turned from sweet to sour with WWE seeking to end their agreement, claiming breach of contract. The two sides almost immediately found themselves in court over the matter as Panini continued selling WWE trading cards. A preliminary injunction hearing on the case had been scheduled, but it appears that will no longer be necessary. Attorney and author Paul Lesko shared via X (formerly Twitter) that Panini and WWE had reached an agreement in principle to settle the case. 


Talks on reaching a settlement look to have moved forward after a pair of phone conversations between Panini higher-ups and WWE CEO Nick Khan. Those discussions became public after the judge in the case ordered the parties to file a letter with the court, detailing talks the sides had "regarding a temporary path forward to govern the parties' relationship."


With the case headed toward the finish line, details are murky for the time being as to what the settlement means for WWE's relationship with either Panini or Fanatics — their new partner — going forward. Per Lesko, the proposed settlement could lead to WWE and Panini continuing to work together, or perhaps ends up with Panini selling its merchandise rights to Fanatics.