WWE Launches Bray Wyatt Legacy Collection

WWE today launched a "Bray Wyatt legacy collection" on WWE Shop, as the company continues to honor the late WWE star. Wyatt, real name Windham Rotunda — who died in August at the age of 36 following a heart attack — remains someone who fans and talent alike speak about fondly, as his memory is kept alive by those who were entertained by him. Now, fans are able to purchase a range of new merchandise to continue to show their support for the Wyatt Family founder.

The legacy collection features a range of new t-shirts — which blend both his Fiend and Wyatt Family characters together — while a range of other products are also available, some of which are at a discounted price. Fans can still purchase The Fiend masks, as well as pieces of match-used canvases from some of his most iconic matches that are framed. WWE is also listing the shirts as special event items that will be shipped no later than December 15, 2023, meaning fans can get them in time for Christmas. Following Rotunda's death, WWE began donating all merchandise money raised to his family to help his wife JoJo Offerman, the two children that they had together, as well as two others from a previous marriage. WWE is once again helping his family, with the sales confirmed to benefit his four children.

Wyatt's final in-ring bout took place against LA Knight at the Royal Rumble earlier this year in a first-ever "Pitch Black" match, where his creativity and imagination were once again on display. Outside of creating memorable gimmicks, Rotunda was a highly-decorated wrestler as well, holding the Universal, "WWE SmackDown" Tag Team, "WWE Raw" Tag Team, and WWE Championships throughout his career."