MJF Retains AEW World Championship Against Jay White At Full Gear

After hours of speculation, MJF did compete in the main event of AEW Full Gear as he defended the AEW World Championship against Jay White.

MJF and Samoa Joe beat The Gunns on Zero Hour to retain the ROH World Tag Team titles, but when The Gunns attacked MJF and hurt his leg, officials were ready to crown White the new AEW World Champion. Adam Cole, of course, had something to say about that as he promised MJF that he wouldn't let them take his gold. Cole agreed to battle White (despite still being on crutches) and Cole vs. White was the advertised main event throughout the event.

When it came time for Cole to somehow compete, MJF returned to the arena by driving the same ambulance he was stretchered out in. Naturally, White targeted MJF's injured leg while also teasing Cole at ringside. The Gunns attempted to interfere but were inevitably ejected by referee Bryce Remsburg. 

The drama amped up in the last third as Cole nearly threw in the towel for the champ when White trapped him in a figure-four. Cole then tried using his ROH tag team title belt against White, but White used it to strike MJF. Lastly came the diamond ring as White stole it initially. Finally, MJF was able to strike The Gunns (who ran back down) and White with the ring while the ref was down. But once Remsburg came to, MJF pinned White to retain. 

MJF and Cole celebrated the win together without shenanigans. As a result, MJF will now go one full calendar year as AEW World Champion.