WWE Star Gunther Explains Why Logan Paul And Bad Bunny Won Him Over

Celebrity wrestling matches have typically been greeted with mixed reactions. Despite the inherent excitement to see well-known names make a venture into the wrestling world, fans are often left disappointed with the final results. In recent years, though, viewers, and talent themselves, have seemingly warmed up to the theme of celebrities in wrestling. During a recent episode of "The Masked Man Show," Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER explained how figures like Logan Paul and Bad Bunny have won him over with their performances.


"In general, with celebrities coming into our business and doing their thing, for a while, when I saw something like that, it was a little bit like 'is that necessary?' Because in a lot of cases, it was just somebody coming in, they were getting paid or trying to make the most out of it for them and then leave again. I think with the celebrities we had recently like Logan Paul, Bad Bunny I think is a very good example as well, those are guys that are obviously passionate about what we do. They enjoy it, they love it. They have a high interest of contributing to it and not just going there and taking something out."

In further analyzing Paul specifically, GUNTHER noted that the social-media-sensation-turned-wrestler possesses great athleticism, charisma, and mic skills, making it genuinely exciting to watch him perform in the ring. GUNTHER also stated that Paul has earned massive respect within the WWE locker room, which includes "The Ring General" himself.


When asked about a potential match with Paul, who was recently crowned as the new United States Champion, Gunther confirmed that was up for the challenge. "I would love to do that match. I think it would be very exciting," GUNTHER said.

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