AEW's Nick Wayne Opens Up About Turning Heel For The First Time In His Career

AEW fans saw a major character shift from Nick Wayne last month. Despite having a long-time friendship with Darby Allin, Wayne decided to move his allegiance elsewhere at AEW WrestleDream, aligning himself with TNT Champion Christian Cage and Luchasaurus. Upon his betrayal of Allin, Wayne helped Cage retain the TNT Championship. During a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," Wayne spoke about his recent character change, which also marked his first career heel turn.

"I've never been hated until now," Wayne said. "I've been a babyface, and I feel like it would write itself for me to be a babyface from like 14 or 12 until now. So, this is kind of my first time being an actual heel and being displayed as a bad guy. I've taken control in face versus face matches, but it was never [generating boos from the audience]. But now it's like my first time being presented and wrestling and being put out there as a heel."

When asked if he was comfortable with playing a heel now, Wayne noted that he was still in the process of adjusting to the transition. Luckily for Wayne, he has the advantage of being paired with two well-seasoned veterans. "I've only had two matches as a heel, but [with] all the segments and everything, it feels natural because I'm in there with the people I'm in there with. But it's still something I'm kind of getting used to," Wayne said. 

After severing ties with Allin at WrestleDream, Wayne teamed up with Cage and Luchasaurus to face Allin, Sting, and Adam Copeland at AEW Full Gear, albeit in a losing effort. 

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