AEW's Jim Ross Provides An Update On What He's Been Up To And His Health

Jim Ross has been taking time off work recently following advice from his doctors as he continues to heal his leg after suffering a fall back in June. Now Ross has provided an update for fans on his overall health, and what he has been doing in the past week regarding that situation.

"[I] had a busy week at the doctors, and trying to get all these little things taken care of," he said on "Grilling JR." "They're not little things if you let them go. Anyway, I'm getting better I think."

Even though Ross has made it clear he has no plans to officially retire from work at this point, he did confirm that he's still going to be off work for a few more weeks. The veteran commentator didn't provide an official time on when he will be back behind the booth, but he has previously made it clear that taking time off traveling on an airplane will allow his leg to heal, which is what Ross needs.

"Then we will just move on, you know, and hopefully it'll work out," he said. "I had a long doctor's meeting yesterday — over two hours — so just trying to get better ... Getting old is the s***s."

Ross has been open about the fact his current contract with the company is up in the fall of this year, but he has also made it clear that he has no desire to leave AEW. He praised Tony Khan for how he has been treated, with his main role right now being on "AEW Collision."

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