WWE's Montez Ford Says The Old Ways Of The Street Profits 'Obviously Was Not Working'

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins have been aligned with Bobby Lashley since August, turning heel for the first time on the main roster in the process. It was a surprising move for most fans, but Ford admits that he felt they had gotten a little stagnant as a team, despite their success.

"Just got idle for a little while," Ford told Metro. "With that grows frustration and anger, because with the hunger to wanna do more, to advance and have more accomplishments in life, that frustration starts to grow."

Even though The Street Profits remained popular with fans up until turning, Ford believes what they were doing by being nice "obviously was not working." That is highlighted by the fact they've failed to win any Tag Team Championships since 2021, which is why the heel turn is something that he believes has given them a shift of momentum. 

"How many times have we had title matches, and we failed? It's very hard for a group of individuals to get behind a team that constantly — not makes them upset, but they keep coming up short, they're not successful in there in their feats," he said. "It's very hard to get behind a team like that."

While they've yet to win any gold alongside Lashley, the duo did win a number one contenders match on the most recent episode of "WWE SmackDown," showcasing that their heel turn isn't slowing down their success.

"It's a way of showing what we internally feel like, and showing it on camera to the WWE Universe," Ford said. "It's kinda an easy transition because once you apply something that's really real, it's easy for it to resonate on camera."