AEW Star Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Gives His Thoughts On How The DDT Is Being Used Today

"It doesn't please me," is how Jake Roberts explained the current use of his iconic finisher, the DDT. The move is one that Roberts used to great effect, and unlike today's wrestlers who tend to use it as a transitional move or something to get a near fall, he would use it to end matches.

"I think it's a waste of a great move," he said to "WrestlingNewsCo." "But there's a lot of great moves that are being wasted today, not just the DDT."

The Canadian Destroyer is another memorable finisher that has now been used regularly during matches, which is something that Bully Ray has been outspoken about, claiming it has been prostituted and watered down. Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels has also spoken in the past about wrestlers using the superkick so much nowadays, although he believes it is humbling as imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Even though Roberts doesn't like how the DDT is used now due to the fact it is often kicked out of, that doesn't mean he doesn't see any positives to the move being used so frequently.

"Having said that, I hope to hell they keep using it, because every time they use it, it just brings my name back into the situation and that's a good thing," Roberts said. "That's a good thing in the days of everything online. Get your name said, man. That's all you need."

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