Bully Ray Decries 'One Of The Best Original' Finishers Being Prostituted & Overused

Like the DDT, the Superkick, and other finishers of the past, the Canadian Destroyer — one of the most dangerous wrestling moves of all time — has become a transition move, much to the chagrin of some fans and wrestlers, including "Busted Open Radio" co-host Bully Ray.


"In my opinion, the Canadian Destroyer was one of the best original finishing moves I've ever seen," Bully said, noting that he's gushed about the flipping piledriver for nearly 15 years now. "Love the move." Co-host Dave LaGreca agreed with Bully, saying the move blew him away, believing no one could kick out of the move.

"I've seen the move over the past couple of years start to get overused, start to get prostituted, start to get watered-down. Then I saw what I saw the other night ...," Bully tailed off. The WWE Hall of Famer was disgusted by the display on last Wednesday's "AEW Dynamite" in the International Championship match between Orange Cassidy and Penta El Zero Miedo, with the two men delivering the move back and forth a few times.


"When I first saw it, I thought it was the most devastating thing I'd ever seen," LaGreca reiterated. "How many more moves are we just gonna throw away?" Bully asked, advocating for a veteran takeover of the wrestling business, until certain devastating finishing moves end matches once again. "Veterans have to stop allowing young wrestlers to just do whatever they want because it's wrong. Veterans have to do a better job policing and educating."

Bully doesn't want blanket "don't do this" proclamations, but instead for veteran wrestlers to do a better job helping young talent understand why things are done a certain way.