Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Gives Thoughts On His Program With WWE HOFer Ultimate Warrior

Pro wrestling legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts doesn't have fond memories of working with The Ultimate Warrior in WWE, calling the late star a "total ass."

During his recent appearance on "WrestlingNewsCo," the Hall of Famer talked about his program with the late Ultimate Warrior and was asked about his opponent's thought process when they were filming vignettes for their program in 1991.


"Non-existent," replied Roberts categorically about Warrior's input towards the story. "You know, he was a total ass, total ass. So I just had to get through it."

Roberts added that Warrior didn't cooperate at all in their program and stated that the late star behaved like a child. "No, he does what he wants to do, he'd yell and scream, stomp his feet, [and] behave like a 10-year-old," said Roberts about Warrior.

Roberts began his storyline with Warrior in 1991 by training and helping him in preparation for Warrior's feud with The Undertaker. During the program, Roberts even made Warrior walk through a room full of snakes, and was bitten by one of them, following which it was revealed that Roberts was actually working with The Undertaker against Warrior. 


The two were to feud after SummerSlam 1991, but a backstage issue between Warrior and Vince McMahon ultimately led to Warrior's exit from WWE, ending the possibility of a program between Roberts and Warrior. Jake "The Snake" Roberts and The Ultimate Warrior fell out and didn't speak to each other for years, but Roberts revealed earlier this year that Warrior apologized to him prior to his sad death in 2014.