Dustin Rhodes Sees A Lot Of Himself In Current AEW Star

The "Timeless" Toni Storm character has quickly found success, becoming the AEW Women's World Champion at Full Gear this past weekend. The gimmick is a throwback to the Hollywood of yesteryear, and Dustin Rhodes admitted that he sees some of himself in Storm's current persona.

"Now they've put Luther with her as her butler or whatever he is, which is great," he told "Sports Guys Talking Wrestling." "It's so cool, but it's like myself and Teri, Marlena the director, and the Goldust character. She does it so well and I'm glad that lightning has struck and she's riding it for all its worth." 

Storm has put a lot of over-the-top touches into her character, from making her entrances with black and white lighting — pushing its old-school nature — to filming silent movies that are shown within picture-in-picture during shows to help advance her storylines. The character is eccentric much like Goldust used to be, as he used to quote movie lines regularly, having an obsession with Hollywood himself, as both of these gimmicks focus much more on the entertainment aspect of the industry, which is ultimately what has gotten them over. "The more outlandish things she does on her entrance and things like that and the letterbox movie-type setting with the lighting and the smoke and all the things, it's so cool," he said. "It's new, it's not being done and hasn't been done for a while and she's doing excellent with it."

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