Zoey Stark Offers Rhea Ripley Advice After Judgment Day Clubhouse Invasion On WWE Raw

Zoey Stark had some words of advice for her WWE Survivor Series opponent, Rhea Ripley, on X, after she invaded the Judgment Day clubhouse on "WWE Raw." Stark told the Women's World Champion, "Hey dumbass....next time lock the door....see you Saturday."

Stark and her tag team partner Shayna Baszler were relaxing in the backstage area when Ripley and Dominik Mysterio walked in on them. It allowed Stark to play some mind games with Ripley ahead of their match, letting her know that it was the title that caught her eye amongst all the nicknacks that were on display in the clubhouse. While that's something Ripley was proudly displaying, Stark let her know that she plans on capturing it this weekend. The backstage clubhouse has recently become a staple for Judgment Day, with the faction often taking over an area of the arena to conduct their private business. It's a place rarely occupied by non-members, which is why Stark and Baszler's appearance shocked the system for "Mami." However, Ripley actually admitted to respecting Stark for breaking in, which is why she opted to let the situation slide without any physical confrontation.

Stark will have the chance to claim her first singles title in WWE when they go one-on-one at Survivor Series, an opportunity she earned by winning a battle royal several weeks ago. It won't be the first time that she challenges Ripley for gold though, as Stark was part of a five-way at Crown Jewel where Ripley managed to retain her title. However, this time there are no other factors in the match, with the pressure firmly being on Stark.