Why Mark Henry Says 'The Light Switch Is On' For AEW's Julia Hart

Heading into AEW Full Gear, reports indicated that with her rising popularity, Julia Hart was set for an immediate push. Upon the results of the TBS Championship match at Full Gear, it was quite evident that this push involved Hart becoming the youngest titleholder in AEW history. On a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," AEW coach Mark Henry offered major praise for Hart, who is now the newly-minted TBS Champion.


"Bully [Ray] and I, we said this two weeks ago, that it's Julia Hart's time. And I'm proud of AEW for doing that. I'm proud of Julia for capturing it and giving them a reason to get behind her, because the light switch is on," Henry said. "She's doing things that veterans do now. She's instinctively calling things on the fly because she's working ... AEW, as much as people always criticize, you got to give people their flowers when they do the right thing. The light switch is on. Julia's hot. Boom. There you go. I called it. Other people might not have called it, but man, I've been screaming her name from the tallest tower. She's ready."

Whenever Henry sees Hart backstage again, he plans to greet her with a giant embrace on behalf of himself and Bully Ray, who is also immensely impressed by her. "I'm gonna give her a big old hug, and I'm going to tell her, 'Hey, this is from Bully. He don't give nobody hugs. He's a bully, but he loved that you're a worker now,'" Henry said. 


Following her title win, Hart reflected on her vast growth in AEW, noting that her association with House of the Black has provided her with a newfound sense of confidence. Despite her awe-inspiring evolution, Hart still felt that her TBS title win was "crazy" to see unfold.

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