Lex Luger Gives Possible Reason For WWE Hall Of Fame Absence

Each of the first 15 Men's Royal Rumble winners are in the WWE Hall of Fame, with the exception of three — Lex Luger, The Rock, and Vince McMahon. While it's almost a given that the latter two will eventually get the nod, there's still uncertainty regarding "The Total Package" getting inducted. That's despite Luger's long list of accomplishments, including multiple runs as WCW World Champion, becoming the first-ever wrestler to make Hulk Hogan tap out (to his Torture Rack), and being one of WWE's most popular stars of the New Generation Era. On his "Lex Expressed" podcast, Luger speculated as to why he still hasn't received the honor.


"I get asked that question a lot ... a lot of guys go, 'Wait, you're not in?' A lot of people think I'm already in," Luger said. "When people ask me 'Why?' I really don't know what criteria ... I think me personally, my in-ring criteria definitely fits. I think [I] have the credentials to get in. But I understand that my out-of-ring antics can play a role sometimes ... I don't know if that's a factor or not. But maybe [I'm] controversial, and some people felt like the wrestling world shunned me for a while due to some of the things that happened outside of the ring ... deservedly so." 

Some of Luger's out-of-ring controversies include his domestic dispute with his late girlfriend Miss Elizabeth, and his many run-ins with the law for drug possession. Citing those transgressions, Luger understands if he never makes the WWE HOF. "There's consequences for things we do in life, so if that keeps me out of the Hall of Fame, I understand. If I never get in, I still look back fondly on my career and what I did accomplish."