WWE's GUNTHER Explains Why Seth Rollins Is A Better Match For Him Than Roman Reigns

Gunther's current WWE run has been nothing short of dominant. After defeating Ricochet on the June 10, 2022 "WWE SmackDown", "The Ring General" has overcome an extensive roster of opponents to become the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in history. Gunther is also the fiercest titleholder in recent memory, and his momentum shows no signs of stopping. On "Under the Ring", host Phil Strum and Gunther speculated on a future world title match after Gunther's current Intercontinental Championship run.


"Obviously, there's room to grow," Gunther responded. "And whenever the time comes that I lose the title — and the time will come, because nothing lasts forever — that's obviously the next logical step, I feel like. There's a lot of room to grow into." Seth "Freakin'" Rollins is currently the World Heavyweight Champion, and Roman Reigns holds the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Both Rollins and Reigns would be viable options for a dethroned Gunther, especially considering that — apart from a few house shows with Rollins — "The Ring General" has never locked up with either champion. 

"Those two guys, yeah, I think it's very different," Gunther acknowledged. "I feel like, style-wise, a match with Seth would match better with me. But also, I think, being in the ring with Roman are completely new challenges. I think I'm more similar to Roman than I am to Seth as a wrestler, but yeah," Gunther concluded. "Both would be fantastic match-ups, and the challenger would be happy to take on." While there is no rush to conclude Gunther's current championship run, talking about future matches can provide talent with a chance to reflect on their in-ring skill and compatibility. A match with Reigns would be a trek into uncharted territory for Gunther, and a match with Rollins could be a technical masterpiece. Regardless of who Gunther faces next after the inevitable end of his historic Intercontinental Championship reign, there is no doubt that the future is bright.