Carlito Injured On WWE SmackDown, Survivor Series Replacement Named

There's been a change to a match at Survivor Series: WarGames on Saturday after an injury angle was played out on Friday night's episode of "WWE SmackDown." After Santos Escobar went on a tirade against Rey Mysterio, whom Escobar injured and put on the shelf, on last week's episode of the show, Carlito headed out to the ring this week to address his upcoming match with the former LWO member.


Carlito said that having his first match at a WWE premium live event in 13 years would be "cool," but all he can think about is the injured Mysterio and getting his hands on Escobar. He delivered a portion of the promo in Spanish, so Santos could "very clearly understand what he was saying," and said in English that Santos made a very big mistake before Santos' music hit.

Santos fired back at Carlito while walking to the ring and getting up on the apron. He threw the microphone at Carlito, who then knocked Santos off the apron and they began brawling. Officials separated the two men but Santos was able to get behind Carlito and jumped off the barricade to take him out, seemingly injuring him. After a commercial break, Carlito was seen limping and holding his shoulder in the back as he was helped by two officials. Santos attacked him again before Dragon Lee appeared and started beating Santos up to save Carlito.


In another backstage segment, Nick Aldis said Carlito was injured and he was going to postpone the match. Dragon Lee interrupted the interview and asked Aldis not to do that, but to rather put him in the match against Escobar in Carlito's place. Aldis agreed, and the match was set for Survivor Series.