Santos Escobar Defeats Dragon Lee (Filling In For Carlito) At WWE Survivor Series

Dragon Lee might have been attempting to defend Carlito's honor by facing Santos Escobar at WWE Survivor Series: War Games, but he wasn't able to get the job done after filling in for the cool one. Escobar was supposed to face Carlito, who was defending the honor of an injured Rey Mysterio, on Saturday in Chicago, but Escobar laid him out twice, injuring him on Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown." That same night, Lee told "SmackDown" General Manager Nick Aldis that rather than cancel the match, he would fill in and fight.


Escobar started off the match hot, immediately getting the jump on his opponent and taking things outside of the ring. Escobar put Lee's leg in between the stairs and the ring in an attempt to break it in a spot of note, as that's how Escobar injured Rey Mysterio, putting him on the shelf and starting the feud between the former LWO stablemates. He also attempted to pull off Lee's mask at one point during the match. Lee battled back and even got a near fall on Santos with a sit-down powerbomb. Escobar ended up winning the match with a South of the Border Destroyer, followed by a Phantom Driver for the clean victory.

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