Triple H Discusses WWE Concussion Policy, How The Company Handles Injuries

Part of the modern evolution of WWE has been the implementation of stringent policies designed to safeguard wrestlers from injuries. The physical performance of wrestling has seen many a name put on the shelf, maybe best exemplified last night as Randy Orton returned for the first time in 18 months following back fusion surgery. Paul "Triple H" Levesque was questioned on said safeguards during last night's Survivor Series press conference, especially following AEW star Jon Moxley's previous comments about concussion protocols in wider wrestling


"I will put our medical protocol, ... medical program, ... [and] wellness program, I will put all of it up against any sport on this planet," said Levesque, while refusing to comment on Moxley's situation. He continued, "When it comes to concussions, our people are trained to see it. Our talent are given seminars on it regularly. Our referees, our crew, [and] our staff are trained to see it and we don't mess around with it." 

Rey Mysterio suffered a concussion mid-match during a tournament final against Santos Escobar, which would have determined a challenger for Austin Theory's WWE United States Championship. The injury led to the match being stopped. Levesque pointed to that incident as an example of WWE's strictly-enforced protocols, given that it had a direct detriment on future PLE plans. He said, "We saw it happen. The referee spotted it happen. We shut it down ... When we see that stuff, we're very diligent about it. We've been working with the top experts in that field for about a decade now to have that protocol be what it is."