Santino Marella Wishes He Wrestled This WWE Superstar

Randy Orton returned to the ring at WWE's Survivor Series WarGames after being on the shelf for 18 months due to a double back fusion surgery, and audiences are now speculating over who he will be feuding with and facing in the future. However, a man from his past recently admitted he wishes he could've faced him.


"I would like to have maybe a singles match with Randy Orton just 'cause he's a really good friend of mine," Santino Marella told "The Edlow Podcast." "We always talked about wrestling each other because we used to ride together." 

Marella and Orton were placed at different points on the card during the former's WWE career, as Marella was often used as a comedic talent by the company. That is something that played into one of the times that they did get to share the ring together, even though it wasn't a singles encounter.

"There was one time we were in a battle royal together, and then ding-ding-ding I started looking for him ... just messing with each other and he's trying, 'Don't make me laugh, man,'" he said. "I think we'd have been good because he's so good, right, and I think we could've had legitimately some really good matches and stuff."


While they no longer work for the same company, with Marella currently working for Impact Wrestling, he has been competing inside the ring again sporadically in 2023. The former Intercontinental Champion has admitted to being open to competing in WWE again at some point, therefore this dream match could still be possible for Marella.

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