Road Dogg Lists His Favorite WWE Championship Designs

WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg has named the WWE title designs that he loves, including one for which he played a part in obtaining approval from WWE creative.

In a recent edition of his "Oh... You Didn't Know" podcast, the veteran star discussed his favorite and least favorite title designs in his long pro wrestling career, revealing that one of his favorites was John Cena's spinner design world title belt.


"So, I know this is going to really make people mad, but I don't care [about title designs]," said the Hall of Famer. "I don't care what, like Cena had one that was a spinner ... that was cool. I loved it."

He then backtracked a bit and chose a title design that he was involved in as his favorite of all time, naming Daniel Bryan's hemp world title as the best of all time.

"The hemp one was the best one of all times because I was the writer of the story — who created it and got it passed through creative. That's my favorite — the hemp title that Daniel Bryan had," said the former WWE writer.

Bryan, when he worked as a heel in WWE, adopted an eco-warrior gimmick, during which time he replaced the gold plating in his title with a natural, brown-colored hemp title design. Road Dogg was a writer on "WWE SmackDown" and pitched it to WWE creative. When asked about his least favorite title design, the D-Generation X member stated that the Hardcore title that he once held was not great to look at, and a few scrapes.


"It was broken, like just a plate that was cracked in a bunch of places, cut your hand every time you reached into your bag to pick it out. It was just horrible," said Road Dogg.