Aubrey Edwards & Karen Jarrett Discuss Guitar Shot From Their AEW Match

AEW referee Aubrey Edwards and Karen Jarrett found themselves at odds this past summer. The issues between Edwards and the Jarrett family had been building for weeks, setting up a tag match at Double or Nothing where Jarrett cracked Edwards over the head with a guitar. Edwards and Jarrett discussed their feud on the most recent episode of "AEW Unrestricted" with the latter revealing that, despite being the villain of the angle, she was pretty nervous about delivering the guitar shot to Edwards.


"I was a nervous wreck. "I love having fun out there and doing my thing. [But] hitting someone with a guitar, that was a lot for me," Jarrett said. "Being out there, I was shaking. If I hurt her, if this messes up her face and she has to have stitches. And she's like 'Do it! Swing hard, swing for the fences.' I'm like 'You're crazy. You are crazy.'"

For Edwards, the most important aspect of the angle was knowing that it was leading somewhere. Once that was made clear to her, it was all about making the guitar angle look as good as possible.

"I'm trying to walk into a situation ... if someone is giving me an opportunity to help put forward their story, my stance is always 'What's the best way to do this?'" Edwards said. "So I'm having extensive conversations with Jay Lethal about 'What is not only the best way to do this, but the safest way to do this?' And it's always just 'Swing as hard as you can, and put your head down.' So I'm like 'Okay, that's what we've got to do.'"


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