WWE NXT's Arianna Grace On How She Injured Her Knee And What She Thought At The Time

Months after signing with WWE, Arianna Grace was faced with some unfortunate news as she learned that she had sustained a torn ACL and meniscus in her knee. After 11 months on the shelf, Grace returned to in-ring action at a "WWE NXT" live event in September. The following month, Grace entered the 2023 "NXT" Women's Breakout Tournament. During a recent appearance on "Wilde On," Grace opened up about the events that led up to the knee injury she suffered in October 2022.

"I definitely remember that day very clearly. We were in training, and it was funny, it was just another practice match at the PC. It was off of a lockup," Grace said. "I went forward, the girl turned, and it was just two different momentums and it snapped. I felt like a big pop but it didn't hurt. So then I tried to get up and I was like, 'Damn, I can't finish this match.' I was so embarrassed, because at the time, I didn't think it would be as serious as it was. I was like, 'Everyone's gonna think I'm a chicken, I should've finished the match.' It is ironic looking back now, I'm like, 'At least let it be like a little bit sprained at least so no one thinks I'm a wuss.' Then I got the call, and it was [confirmed to be a] torn ACL, torn meniscus, sprained MCL."

Due to the nature of her injury, Grace was ordered to undergo surgery, followed by an extensive period of rehabilitation. While she couldn't compete in a ring during much of her recovery, Grace did have the opportunity to compete in the 2023 Miss Universe Canada pageant.

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