The Miz Opens Up About Interviewing An Invisible John Cena On WWE Raw

Earlier this year, The Miz had the opportunity to interview an invisible John Cena on "WWE Raw." Asked about the segment during an interview with TNT Sports, Miz revealed just how excited he was to try something very unique in the segment as well ashow he then went about trying to piece the "interview" together.


"We were sitting there writing it, and we're like 'Alright, how do we make this absolutely incredible?'" Miz said. "And I was like 'I've got to hit him with the Skull Crushing Finale.' But you can't just hit him, you've got to play it a little bit like he's there. Like, you get so angry and then you start pointing at him, and everyone thinks 'What is he doing?'"

"The push is what I think got the people in. Like, when I had invisible John Cena actually push me ... that's when I realized 'Oh, this is getting everyone. Everyone's into it. This is pretty cool,'" he added. "And then I was like 'Well, now, I would swing at him, he would duck, he would swing ...' So that's kind of how it all came."

Miz Says Invisible Cena Segment Could Have Fallen Flat On Its Face

While Miz was ultimately pleased with how fans perfectly reacted to the segment in his estimation, he admitted that it was a difficult segment to crack, acknowledging it just as easily could have failed. In the end though, the challenge of hooking the crowd motivated Miz even further.


"This is a very difficult promo to cut because you don't know how the live audience is going to be," Miz said. "You don't know if there's going to be that one guy that's trying to be a heckler that's ruining it for everybody else. Or you don't know if people are going to gravitate towards it..."

"So you go out there, and you're live. You don't get three takes, four takes to do it ... And it ended up working to perfection," he continued, "because everyone was talking about it afterward, and I'm really proud of that segment. I think everyone involved did an amazing job, which was basically me and invisible John Cena."

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