WWE Reportedly Trying To Secure Talent To Long-Term Deals

WWE and AEW continue to engage in a years-long market battle that some, such as Dave Meltzer, would call "a wrestling war." Part of winning any conflict is holding onto critical assets. On Sunday's "Wrestling Observer Radio," Meltzer reported that WWE is hoping to do just that by locking up several of its stars with multi-year extensions. He said the company has approached several unnamed stars, including some with over a year left on their existing deals, and that numerous talent on the roster may receive significant pay raises. 


Meltzer noted that the feeling was that no one would get big contracts following WWE's merger with UFC to form TKO under parent company Endeavor, which acquired control of UFC in 2021 and is dealing with pay disputes as part of an ongoing $1.6 billion antitrust case against its MMA promotion. In WWE's case, it appears the company is ready to pay up to ensure its top stars stick around for several more years and risk any talent defecting to AEW or elsewhere. Without stating a figure, Meltzer reports that WWE talent currently earn much less of a revenue share compared to UFC stars who reportedly earn 17%. If paid at the same rate, mid-level WWE talent would reportedly earn roughly $2.5 million annually.


One of the top WWE names in the discussion has to be Drew McIntyre, whose deal is slated to end around April 2024. Reports of McIntyre storming out of Survivor Series may further complicate the matter, though more information continues to surface.