Drew McIntyre Adresses Reports Of Him Storming Out Of WWE Survivor Series

There were a lot of talking points coming out of WWE's Survivor Series: WarGames this past weekend, including Drew McIntyre apparently storming out of Allstate Arena after the main event. At last night's live event, the Scotsman addressed the rumors during a backstage video ahead of the main event, which saw him compete against Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 


"If you've been watching the show, you know why I didn't win the World Title recently, WarGames last night — my stupid team lost the match for me," he said. "You've heard things probably on the internet, I'm not in a great place, but there is one thing that can turn this frown upside down, that can change things for me. It's getting that World Title."

It is unclear why McIntyre stormed out after the show, but reports indicate that he was visibly upset about something. Whether that was linked to CM Punk's return to the company remains to be seen, but it was said that the former WWE Champion was also dealing with other issues as the day unfolded. 


McIntyre wasn't able to capture the title on Sunday night, and following the match, Rollins also commented on Punk's return, which he had reacted negatively to on the night. He made it clear that he isn't going to put any focus on someone who has spent time away trying to tear the company down. Instead, Rollins will concentrate on the people who made WWE the hottest ticket in town. What comes next with everyone involved in the situation remains to be seen, but things might become clearer on "WWE Raw" tonight as Punk will be appearing.

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