Why Mick Foley Says LA Knight Emulating WWE Attitude Era Stars Isn't A Bad Thing

WWE star LA Knight has become the talk of the wrestling world, with fans divided over whether the former Impact World Champion is paying homage to the Attitude Era or ripping it off whole cloth. On "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley stated that he wasn't sure what the problem was with either of those options.

"I think it's funny when I hear Kevin Nash and LA Knight feuding," Foley said. "I think Kevin's knock on him is he's a cross between The Rock and Steve Austin, and I'm thinking that's not a bad guy to be a cross between." He admitted that much of his work was taken from Terry Funk and that wrestlers always borrow from the past.

"This guy has made it his own. He's very sharp on the microphone," Foley continued. "When you have John Cena coming in as your backup, that's a major achievement ... I know he didn't come out on top [at WWE Crown Jewel]. The sky's kinda the limit." 

The WWE Hall of Famer thinks that it is too soon to decide if Knight is going to be the megastar that some are assuming, but says that the WWE star is already on the road to success. "He gets all of our attention, he does it very easily," Foley gushed. "So we're gonna see what gears he has to shift into."

Knight recently had a main event showing against Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. He was unsuccessful in winning the title, but Knight has come a long way from believing his career was over in 2020.