Konnan Discusses The Effects Of The Overuse Of Blood, Pointing To AEW

Blood in pro wrestling has been commonplace for decades, with various companies employing it to further storylines, angles, and matches. However, some of the recent discourse following the brutal "Hangman" Adam Page vs Swerve Strickland match at AEW's Full Gear has divided fans and ex-wrestlers. The excessive use of blood and some of the spots in the match caused quite a stir, leaving some to question whether the two talented stars took things too far.

While the pair had been embroiled in a deeply personal feud that perhaps necessitated blood in a Texas Death Match, the frequency that blood is used within AEW — both on their pay-per-view events and weekly television — has led to some criticism within the business. On the latest edition of "Keepin It 100", lucha libre icon Konnan explained the major issue with blood usage in Tony Khan's company and how it could be amended. 

"When blood is used right, it's a very good tool," he said. "Sometimes it is necessary — if you're in a cage match, somebody should f***ing bleed. The over-usage has desensitized people to it where they see it so much and sometimes not even for the right reasons; they haven't protected it." 

Konnan also noted how in Mexican promotions, the fans there react to it on a larger scale due to the fact they see it less frequently, while fans in the United States have become immune to its intended effects. WWE have taken a hard-line stance on intentional bleeding (or "blading") over the past 15 years. Rare occasions of hard-way blood have happened over the years, including earlier this year during a bout between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes – something that may have been pre-planned though, according to some reports.

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