Ric Flair Offers To Walk Away From AEW Following Outrage Over Pre-Taped Rampage Promo

Ric Flair's AEW contract has already divided opinion within the pro wrestling community — and his latest incident will only ramp up the concerns of many fans regarding the legendary 16-time world champion. After making his debut last month alongside his long-time friend Sting, the 74-year-old has made sporadic appearances alongside "The Icon," who is set to retire at next year's Revolution.

Last night, Flair appeared on "AEW Dynamite" in a backstage segment alongside Sting and Tony Schiavone, where they announced the date and location for Revolution. But it was as a part of the "AEW Rampage" tapings later in the night, that trouble arose. It was then that Flair would cut a lengthy in-ring promo, which involved an invitation to all the 18 to 28-year-old single women in attendance to meet in his hotel room. 

While the line is expected to be cut from the broadcast prior to Friday night's episode, it hasn't stopped many on social media from condemning the remarks given Flair's history of sexual harassment allegations. In a response on his own social media account, Flair would take aim at the critics and offered to "walk away" from AEW if needed.

"I am so tired of hearing all this negativity! Can't I simply enjoy being by my dear friend Sting's side for the next few months without so much hatred? I know I'm old, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy life," he said. "I have earned the right to do whatever I want and I'm exactly where I want to be! I appreciate everything Tony Khan, but I'm more than willing to walk away if I am embarrassing you and your company."

Flair signed a multi-year agreement with AEW after his initial debut in late-October, which entails on-screen appearances and the company promoting his energy drink. At this stage, there are no plans for Flair to wrestle in AEW after the Hall of Famer had his last match in 2022.