Kevin Sullivan Picks WrestleMania 40 Main Events, Wonders What Happened To The Rock

Former WCW head booker Kevin Sullivan has predicted that Seth Rollins versus CM Punk and Roman Reigns versus Cody Rhodes will headline the two nights of next year's WrestleMania 40. On "Tuesday with The Taskmaster," Sullivan explained why the two high-profile bouts will close out the two respective nights at "The Showcase of Immortals" in Philadelphia.

Sullivan made his picks on the condition that The Rock won't be returning to WWE for his rumored match against Reigns. "I think you're gonna end up seeing Cody and Roman as the main event, and I like the idea of 'Freakin Rollins against Punk for Night 1," Sullivan said. "I think they've already started telling the story for [Punk versus Rollins] by holding them back, giving each other the finger, causing s**t backstage ... I think that will be it."

Earlier, Sullivan explained why the circumstances under which Punk left WWE in 2014 are critical to building the Punk versus Rollins program. "He left with some stink on him," Sullivan said of Punk. "Rollins is going to pick on that, and that may be the angle of the main event. But if Punk's put in there with anybody else, I think he'd get some heat on himself. Even as great as he is, it's like when Cody didn't win at WrestleMania [38], people were really mad. But when he wins, the pop is going to be so much bigger."

At least one of the two WrestleMania main events might be set when WWE rolls into Tropicana Field for the upcoming Royal Rumble premium live event. As of this writing, only Rhodes has declared his entry into the 30-man Royal Rumble match, a year after he won the battle royal to challenge Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. According to oddsmakers, GUNTHER, The Rock, LA Knight, and Punk are the other odds-on favorites to win the Rumble.