Tony Khan Hints At Bryan Danielson's Future AEW Schedule

A few months ago, Bryan Danielson announced that he would be stepping away from being a full-time professional wrestler starting in 2024 as he looks to spend more time at home with his children and protect his health. Recent comments made by AEW CEO Tony Khan in an interview with The Athletic may offer some further insight into Danielson's timeline for next year.

"Bryan and I made an agreement three years to the week before AEW All In 2024," Khan said. "The agreement was that Bryan would wrestle (full-time) for three years."

Without directly stating it, Khan's words point toward next year's All In as the final event for Danielson before he enters the next stage of his career. On top of that, Khan also offered details on what Danielson's schedule could look like in that new stage.

"He will stay with us in spirit and sometimes, occasionally, make sporadic appearances with us," Khan continued.

It's unclear if Danielson is under contract with AEW beyond the initial three-year agreement Khan previously referred to. However, the AEW co-owner seems confident that Danielson will continue with the company beyond his full-time run.

Danielson is currently preparing to make his return to action tomorrow night after sustaining an orbital injury in late October. The AEW star is taking part in the first-ever Continental Classic, a round-robin tournament that will unite the Ring of Honor World Championship and NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship into a new Triple Crown title to be defended in AEW, ROH, and NJPW.

Tickets for All In 2024 officially went on sale today, with pre-sale having kicked off just a few days ago. The event takes place next August and Khan has decided to put tickets on sale far longer in advance than the company did for the first annual All In, which broke records earlier this year with more than 81,000 tickets sold.

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