Former WWE Star Tyler Breeze Discusses The Wrestlers He Wants To Face

Dream matches are constantly talked about in the world of professional wrestling. Whether it's CM Punk possibly facing Steve Austin or The Rock battling Roman Reigns, there's a lot that people want to see. However, that's not necessarily the case for Tyler Breeze who admitted he doesn't know if he's ever had any. 

"Dream matches are weird for me," he told "Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling." "Obviously, the guys I grew up watching that are very clearly a dream match, like okay I'd love to wrestle 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart, yes that would be awesome ... I've really got to wrestle almost everybody that I wanted to."

Breeze has been back competing on the independent scene in the latter half of 2023 for the first time since his WWE release in 2021. But, he admitted it's all about having fun for him at this point in his career. This is why he is enjoying the indies as he can focus on accepting matches he believes will be fun, and there are two men on his radar that he thinks would tick that box.

"I guess the closest thing if I was ever going to maybe say a dream match, I think a really fun match that would be, would be me and Orange Cassidy or maybe Dalton Castle. I think I'd put him on there, too," Breeze said. "It's the guys that get it, the guys that get the character, but then you can also get a 20-minute match out of them."

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