JD McDonagh Sets His Sights On Current WWE Titleholder's Gold

There's currently a lot of hardware on the mantle of Judgment Day, with members Damian Priest, Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and Rhea Ripley holding the Money in the Bank briefcase, Undisputed WWE Tag Team, "NXT" North American, and Women's World Championships, respectively. It also leaves the newest member of the group, JD McDonagh, feeling a tad out of place as the only member not to hold a championship. 

Speaking with the "Irish Wrestling and Entertainment" podcast, McDonagh made clear that he and the rest of the Judgment Day are looking to rectify his lack of gold.

"That hasn't been lost on me, and they have all mentioned that that's the next...milestone for JD and the Judgment Day," McDonagh said. "I want to make sure that everyone in the group all has [gold]...they're all dripped out."

As for what championship McDonagh would most like to win, it appears his sights are sent on the Intercontinental Title, currently held by GUNTHER. McDonagh is no stranger to the record-setting IC Champion, having previously faced, and defeated him, when the two wrestled for Irish promotion OTT. He's curious to see if he can still rise to the occasion against the Austrian star.

"I know I beat WALTER, but GUNTHER seems like a bit of a different animal," McDonagh said. "He's a guy that's leveled up again. So that would definitely be an interesting one to test myself against, see if I'm still as good as I was."

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