Trick Williams Responds To Comparisons To WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T

Booker T has been a vocal supporter of Trick Williams throughout his time in "WWE NXT," which has included him lending some memorable adlibs to Williams' entrance music. It has drawn comparisons between the two from fans, which is something Williams admits he hears all the time and finds to be a great compliment. 

"Booker T, you know he is great, was great, so I am honored by that," Williams told "Under The Ring." "I talk to Booker all the time, we check in weekly. I might watch some film with him or just pick his brain or just talk business and he's definitely been a guy whose been very helpful to me and my career." 

The two-time Hall of Famer hasn't just provided advice to Williams at "NXT" tapings but has also brought the former footballer in to perform at his own promotion, Reality Of Wrestling, providing him with even more opportunities to grow and learn as a performer. However, that doesn't mean that Booker T wants Williams to simply ride his coattails. 

"He's adamant on me doing it myself though. He's like, 'Hey, don't do it like I did it, I don't want you to come up off my name. Go out there and get it yourself.' That's the way I want it," Williams said. "He's been very helpful from a mentor standpoint, but I definitely want to still be Trick Williams and not remind people of Booker T, if that makes sense?"

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