Why Eric Bischoff Says Current AEW Storyline No Longer Matters

AEW fans are still patiently waiting to find out who the mystery person behind the Devil mask is, but Eric Bischoff believes that at this point it's not going to matter who is unveiled in that role.

"It was a bad idea that's getting worse by the day, because the longer it goes, the more anticlimactic it's going to be," he said on "83 Weeks." 

The Devil has continued causing problems for MJF ever since first appearing, and even though the AEW World Champion is now being protected by Samoa Joe, he has vowed to unmask the mystery figure before AEW Worlds End. However, Bischoff doesn't expect the unmasking to be a big deal anymore, particularly in comparison to the surprise that WWE pulled off at Survivor Series.

"I think once Punk showed up at Survivor Series, whoever's behind the mask is going to be a popcorn fart," he said. "It's going to be something that people are going to hopefully forget very quickly. It's already gone on too long. Shocked that it's still going. Again, if it's Jungle Jack Perry, phew –- horribly bad."

Bischoff pointed out that he has experience in booking storylines that lasted too long from his WCW days, so he is well aware of when something is past its expiration date. However, we may learn some more clues on the identity of the Devil on "AEW Dynamite" this week; MJF and Joe are scheduled to compete against two mystery opponents who are part of the Devil's entourage. 

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