Why Bully Ray Believes CM Punk Will Be The Babyface In WWE Feud With Seth Rollins

From the moment CM Punk returned at the Survivor Series premium live event, it appears that his destiny will be a long-awaited showdown with Seth Rollins. The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion was spotted cussing out and flipping off Punk after the show ended, immediately reminding fans of the real-life animosity between the pair.

In the two episodes of "WWE Raw" that have followed, there have been brief teases from both men regarding a potential match. On the latest edition of "Busted Open," Hall of Famer Bully Ray claimed that if the two were to become embroiled in a feud, it could force Rollins to undergo a character shift on-screen. 

"Watch what happens next time CM Punk and Seth Rollins are in the same place at the same time –- those Punk chants are gonna be loud," he said. "I think the people are gonna be firmly behind CM Punk. And the great thing about Seth is that Seth can turn on a dime if Seth needs to be the heel in this situation. 

"The more that Seth talks about how Punk is going to wrong us ... the more people are going to want to get behind him. Seth has got to be really careful about what he says because I can see the people turning on him in an instant and getting behind Punk."

Rollins turned babyface earlier this year heading into his WrestleMania 39 clash with Logan Paul, before capturing the World Heavyweight Championship against AJ Styles, and putting the red brand on his back. However, the emergence of Punk after almost a decade away could be the catalyst for a return to the dark side for Rollins, with fans unlikely to reject Punk. 

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