Why Seth Rollins Knew His WWE WrestleMania Match Vs. Logan Paul Would Be Huge

Earlier this year, WWE's Seth Rollins faced celebrity-turned-wrestler Logan Paul at WWE WrestleMania 39. Though the match didn't main event, leaving Rollins feeling some "healthy" resentment, the bout did grab the attention of many fans. Appearing on "Out of Character," Rollins elaborated on the storyline.


"I knew wrestling against Logan Paul was gonna be huge in its own way, because there are so many people that know who Logan Paul is that have no idea what WWE is," Rollins said. "We're still in the ... ongoing stages of melding those two fanbases. And so I knew that it was gonna be a great opportunity for me to have a spotlight with a guy who has a megaphone on him no matter what he does. And so to be a part of that, and to try to really take my act to the next level and to get it in front of people that may have never seen it before, I was really looking forward to that."

While it may not have gone on last, there's no denying that Rollins and Paul tore the house down. Despite feeling a great deal of pressure for his WrestleMania match, Rollins was able to deliver.


Looking back on Rollins vs. Paul

When the time came for the two to perform in the ring together, Rollins wasn't sure how things would turn out. However, looking back, the WWE star is proud of what they were able to accomplish.

"Obviously, [with] Logan, I didn't know what to expect entirely," Rollins continued. "I had not really worked with him at all prior to [the] Royal Rumble. But [he is] super athletic, so I knew going in we were gonna be able to kind of work with that. And it turned out to be one of my favorite WrestleMania matches I've ever had, actually." It turns out that, before he became involved in WWE, Rollins had no clue who Paul was — or even Bad Bunny or KSI, for that matter.


"So Logan Paul and Bad Bunny are two total reasons that I know I'm not hip — I ain't with it no more," Rollins stated. "I had no idea who these people were before they came to WWE. And KSI — same thing. I'm too old, man. Too old. I'm not cool anymore."

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