WWE's Jey Uso Says Brother Jimmy Has An A**-Whoopin' Coming To Him

Jey Uso has been a mainstay of the "Raw" brand since being traded there in September, but that doesn't mean he isn't keeping an eye on "SmackDown," and specifically The Bloodline that ostracized him.

"[Jimmy Uso] wasn't at my Thanksgiving ... Neither was Solo [Sikoa]," Jey said on "The Bump." The former Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion has found himself in a vicious cycle with his twin brother and cut the family off completely. "Me and Jimmy just gonna keep doing what we've been doing ... fighting and make up since we was younger. But lately, as grown men, I don't know if there's no coming back from this man. He really messed up. He really hurt me ... This is the first time we've been just not on the same page." Jey feels that the rift has caused pain to both of them.

"He's hurt, but I'm hurting too," Jey admitted. The former tag star says that adjusting to traveling on his own and dealing with other aspects of the business without his brother has been tough. He hopes that there will be healing in the family someday, but knows he will have to walk through fire to cauterize the wound.

"Things happen. Family fight. We gonna love each other at the end, but Jimmy gonna get this work," Jey said. "That a**-whoopin' coming to you."

Since leaving The Bloodline, Jey has been a standout presence on "WWE Raw," recently winning the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship alongside Cody Rhodes, as well as competing on the winning side of this year's WarGames match at Survivor Series.