Shawn Michaels Discusses Tossing Lexis King 'Into The Deep End' On WWE NXT

One of the latest performers to move from AEW to WWE is Lexis King, formerly known as Brian Pillman Jr. Not only has he been appearing regularly on "WWE NXT" over the last month, but King will also wrestle Carmelo Hayes tomorrow at WWE NXT Deadline. Speaking on the media call ahead of the PLE, Shawn Michaels discussed what he's seen from King throughout his time in WWE so far.

"We've been [tossing him in the deep end] from day one," Michaels said. "I think he understands he's gotten tossed in. He's been doing everything he can, he's been working well with us. He asks a lot of questions. He's a hungry kid. I think he's someone that has adapted and adjusted to the structure that we have in NXT in a real positive way."

According to Michaels, King will serve as an excellent example of the benefits of WWE's Performance Center infrastructure. In the short time that King has been with the company, Michaels has seen a great deal of improvement, and King will have a chance to showcase that tomorrow night on a large platform.

"I won't lie — we're looking forward to it as much as you are," Michaels said of the match. "We want to see what he's got. We believe there's a lot of potential there. And again, not to say that his whole career rests on this performance by any stretch, but look — I think we all know the lineage, right?"

Michaels continued by stating that King has had some experience performing in front of a large audience before, but nothing quite like what he'll find at Deadline. The WWE Hall of Famer shared that he was a fan of King personally and was looking forward to seeing how he continues to develop.