Ilja Dragunov Overcomes Baron Corbin At WWE NXT Deadline, Retains NXT Championship

Baron Corbin was not able to conquer "The Mad Dragon" at "WWE NXT's" Deadline premium live event when their highly personal feud culminated with Corbin getting a shot at Ilja Dragunov's title. Dragunov walked out of the Total Mortgage Arena still "NXT" champion. Corbin had been gunning for a shot at the title for a few weeks, but only when he began to mention Dragunov's family in their feud did the champion give him a shot.

The match started out evenly matched, but Corbin drove Dragunov into the announce desk, which apparently had been reinforced following the Iron Survivor Challenge matches, according to commentary. Corbin continued to target Dragunov's ribs throughout the match, but Dragunov was able to go coast-to-coast, and then continued to counter Corbin's offense. Dragunov embraced Corbin in the ring before hitting his third H-bomb and pinning him for the victory.

Trick Williams, who won the Iron Survivor Challenge in buzzer-beating fashion, came out to stare down Dragunov after the match. However, as the broadcast went off the air, Carmelo Hayes, who has a strained relationship with his former friend following an attack on Williams, was seen starting to come down the ramp before the feed cut away. Dragunov moves on to face Williams at "NXT's" New Year's Evil event on January 2.