AEW's Satnam Singh Was Upset After Learning About Star's Decision To Leave Promotion

QT Marshall recently announced that he would be departing AEW by the end of 2023, which led to an outpouring of respect and support from those he has worked with. Satnam Singh has admitted that he is really sad about the situation, due to the fact Marshall has been coaching him throughout his time in professional wrestling.

"When I talk to coach always and he's [a] really good friend of me, he's my coach and you know, he teaches me everything," Singh told "SportsKeeda WrestleBinge." 

Marshall has taken on a variety of roles in AEW from being in the ring and a producer backstage, while he has also trained talents such as Nick Comoroto, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Aaron Solo at The Nightmare Factory. That is where Singh has been able to cut his teeth and learn about the industry, and he praised Marshall for being an amazing coach.

"He has so much [knowledge] about the wrestling, he knows everything," Singh said. "From [a] zero wrestler like me, I was totally [a] basketball player, I don't know anything [about] wrestling and he teaches me every movement of wrestling and how good is that? I want to say to him, good luck for the future and I hope he finds a better opportunity somewhere so he can teach the wrestle or maybe he can coach, whatever he wants to do."

Although Marshall isn't going to have anything to do with AEW moving forward, that doesn't mean that Singh's working relationship is going to stop with him as he attends to continue developing his ability with Marshall.

"I go to his school, so I go see him always, I really like to learn from him more and more," he said. "I really like to stay with him and keep learning."

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