WWE's Cody Rhodes Weighs In On QT Marshall's AEW Departure

Among the many shocking moments over the past week was the departure of QT Marshall from AEW, after he announced his resignation from the promotion. Much has been made about why Marshall is leaving AEW and where he'll be going from here, but in the meantime, he has gotten support from plenty of people in and out of the company, including a WWE star who was instrumental in getting him to AEW in the first place.


On X, Cody Rhodes posted a long message praising Marshall, saying the former AEW star and executive "did the work," was responsible for many memories AEW fans have, and was a huge help to several talents. Referring to Marshall as a "pro's PRO," Rhodes congratulated Marshall on his run in wrestling so far, and stated that he was looking forward to seeing what he would do next.


Marshall first joined AEW shortly after the promotion's formation in 2019, originally working under Rhodes as an assistant and as an associate producer, appearing frequently on AEW's "Road to Double or Nothing" YouTube program. After debuting as a wrestler shortly after the launch of "AEW Dynamite," Marshall would align with Rhodes as a member of the Nightmare Family, though he'd eventually turn and feud with Rhodes in 2021. Outside the ring, Marshall and Rhodes would open the Nightmare Factory Academy in 2020, and have continued to operate the wrestling school since. As such, the two have remained close since Rhodes left AEW for WWE in early 2022, though it's unknown if Marshall will be following Rhodes to WWE at this time.