Konnan Says 'Everyone Comes Back To WWE' When Discussing Former Star

The phrase "never say never" is often bandied around in professional wrestling, especially when it comes to former WWE Superstars potentially returning to the company. That is why Konnan believes that Mercedes Mone (formerly known as Sasha Banks) could end up returning, admitting he would bring her back if he was in charge.

"She's a big megastar, looks professional, has worked on 'The Mandalorian,' ... [and] she's from their system" he said on "Keepin' It 100." "I said this a couple of months ago, and I'm going to repeat it again — everybody comes back to WWE."

CM Punk is a recent example of this, having returned to the company despite all the negativity that surrounded his original exit. However, he's not the only one, with people such as Bret Hart, The Ultimate Warrior, and Bruno Sammartino having all put water under the bridge to return as well.

"We've heard WWE say, 'I'll never bring this guy back, we'll never work with him, [and they] bury them on videos,' [then WWE] brought them back," Konnan said. "I've heard wrestlers say, 'I'll never go back to WWE.' They did go back."

Konnan pointed out that sometimes wrestlers go elsewhere and then understand what WWE is, even if they were frustrated when working for the company.

"Once you're not there you understand the enormity and the popularity of who they are and what they can do for your career," he said. 

Mone walked away from WWE alongside Trinity Fatu due to creative issues despite the fact they were the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions at the time. Since then she has worked several matches in Japan, and has been shown in attendance at AEW's All In. However, what she does next is currently up in the air, which has led to speculation about her future.

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