How AEW's Nick Wayne Feels About His Mother, Shayna, Being On TV

Nick Wayne's mother, Shayna, caused shockwaves in the wrestling world last week on "AEW Dynamite" when she decided to hit Adam Copeland in the head with the TNT Championship, costing him his chance to win the title in the process. It continued her involvement in this ongoing AEW storyline, which is something her son, Nick Wayne, admitted he had no idea would be happening.

"I am very thankful for it because since Buddy passed when I was very young all I have is my mom," he told "The Wrestling Classic." "At first, when I was doing AEW she would come to kind of like my big matches, she was there at my first one, she was there at Wembley, she was there at the PPVs, she was there for the tag match against Swerve and AR Fox."

Shayna has been shown on camera regularly since her son was brought into the storyline with Christian Cage. Initially, she was on the receiving end of his verbal abuse as she questioned Nick's alignment with him. However, after she witnessed Copeland attack her son with a con-chair-to, it is clear she wanted to get some revenge on his behalf, and it now remains to be seen what she will do on AEW television moving forward.

"I am very grateful she's doing it because she was just watching on the sidelines as a very proud mom, but now she gets to be a part of it," he said. "One day in five, 10 years from now, she can look back and say she can happily be part of that and was a part of that, and I'm glad she can say that as well."

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