WWE Star Seth Rollins Assesses His Chances On Celebrity Jeopardy

Seth Rollins has attained a staggering amount of success in WWE, and is currently the reigning World Heavyweight Champion. But could "The Architect" succeed on "Celebrity Jeopardy?" According to Rollins during an interview with Sports Illustrated, he believes he'd "crush" it on the game show.

Rollins was asked whether or not he'd be open to appearing on "Celebrity Jeopardy." "Absolutely. Absolutely! I would crush some bodies on "Celebrity Jeopardy." I am the king of not useless information, but I do a lot of crossword puzzles so I know lots of weird stuff," Rollins said. "I know lots of stuff that I got no business knowing. I think that would come quite in handy on "Jeopardy," I'm pretty decent at trivia."

By his response, it seems like Rollins already knows he'll excel. After his wife, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch set the record for the worst performance at "Celebrity Jeopardy," the bar isn't too high. However, according to Rollins, he hasn't watched the episode with Lynch, because she asked him not to. Rollins also addressed the ongoing heat he seems to have with the returning CM Punk. While he seems to not be in the best space with Punk right now, Rollins surprisingly claimed that he's open to mending fences and doing business. However, it's unclear whether this will happen anytime soon, especially with most fans hoping to see the two rivals main event Night One of WrestleMania 40.

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