Lex Luger Opens Up About His Appreciation For Bret Hart, WWE Royal Rumble 1994 Result

WWE legend Lex Luger crossed paths with some of the biggest names of his generation. Recently, he re-watched some of his old matches with WWE.com, and gave quite the account of Bret Hart when he saw the clip of their Royal Rumble 1994 standoff. Famously, Hart and Luger "co-won" the titular match, both hitting the floor simultaneously. Seeing Hart in action seemingly brought back memories of "The Hitman," as Luger noted how good he was in the ring.

"Bret never misses a beat and everything he does is so good. It's a joy to be in the ring with Bret. I love the guy outside of the ring, [I] got just tons of respect for Bret 'The Hitman' Hart." While Hart seems to be one of his favorite opponents, Luger recently had a lot of positive things to say about Cody Rhodes, who he believes is "a generational star."

Additionally, Luger recalled how Hart held onto him like "a spider monkey," and that the moment the two went over the top rope, Vince McMahon couldn't believe his eyes. "Vince jumped out of his chair — I heard — at the back because when they went back in slow-mo you couldn't even tell with that technology back then that we both hit simultaneously. It was like 1 in 100," Luger said. Despite having a successful career and being one of the biggest names of his era, Luger has yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. On his podcast, Luger addressed his absence, and concluded that he's likely been snubbed due to his controversial lifestyle outside of wrestling.